The mini resistance band is a small, however extraordinarily mighty train device. These colourful looped bands present an efficient, versatile, and handy option to amp up your exercises. And although they鈥檙e generally worn across the thighs or ankles as a option to hearth up the muscle tissue in your decrease physique, that鈥檚 not their solely energy. Not by any stretch.

Seems, you’ll be able to put on 'em in your arms for upper-body activation in a wide range of strikes. We discovered one prime instance in an Instagram video that NYC-based celebrity-favorite gymnasium Dogpound posted on Sunday, which exhibits how the mini band can be utilized to simply and successfully add upper-body work to the basic sit-up.

You may take a look at the video that includes mannequin Yovanna Ventura demoing the transfer, through @dogpound, right here:

Per the caption鈥斺淍yoventura SMASHING subsequent stage core & arms #LETSGOOO?????鈥濃攖his transfer is tougher than the OG sit-up, because of the mini band. However an elevated stage of issue isn鈥檛 its solely profit. Right here, we clarify every part this transfer has to supply.

What the band does

There are a number of massive perks of including a mini resistance band to sit-ups on this manner. The primary: It may possibly really assist enhance your kind, Andreina Marrero, ACE-certified private coach at Dogpound and mastermind behind this transfer, tells SELF.

Marrero explains it this fashion: Many individuals are likely to do sit-ups incorrectly by main the movement with their head first (versus their core) and over-rotating their higher again, which may trigger the higher portion of the backbone to curve. Performing a sit-up along with your arms raised overhead, as this banded transfer calls for, lets you as an alternative provoke the motion out of your core, after which elevate your chest, after which elevate your arms, and then elevate your head, says Marrero.

One other plus: The mini band provides upper-body work to this core-centric transfer.

Marrero is a 鈥渕assive advocate鈥 of 鈥渂ringing collectively a number of physique components to get an environment friendly exercise,鈥 and these banded sit-ups do exactly that. How? Effectively, they mainly mix two separate actions鈥攁 sit-up and a lat train鈥攊nto one. On the high of the motion, after you roll your torso up utilizing your core, you pause after which press your arms towards the resistance band to have interaction your lats, the broadest muscle tissue on all sides of your again. The lat activation throughout this portion of the transfer is akin to that of a lat pull-down (although after all the 2 strikes have completely different ranges of movement), says Marrero.


The truth that the train combines two separate strikes into one makes it tougher than a basic sit-up. 鈥淚t does add a stage of issue as a result of now you鈥檙e working towards that pressure versus having your arms down,鈥 explains Marrero. This added issue means you鈥檒l get extra strengthening advantages with every rep, which makes this transfer an additional environment friendly use of your gymnasium time.

The way to do the mini band sit-up

Earlier than you try the transfer, ask your self: Do I’ve any tightness and/or discomfort in my decrease again and/or neck? If the reply is sure, this most likely isn鈥檛 the transfer for you, says Marrero. In any other case, proceed by grabbing one mini resistance band. Marrero suggests utilizing a band with gentle resistance to begin.

  • Place your self subsequent to a sturdy anchor beneath which you’ll be able to hook your toes, like a bit of furnishings.
  • Lie face up, bend your knees and place your ft flat on the ground, and hook your toes up beneath the anchor. Loop the mini band round your wrists, and lift your fingers overhead in order that your elbows are in keeping with your ears. Have interaction your core in order that your again is flat (not arched or rounded).
  • From right here, drive by means of your ft to have interaction your legs, glutes, and core, after which use the power of your core to carry your higher physique up off the ground. As you elevate your self up, your core ought to lead, along with your chest, then arms, then head following.
  • Preserve your shoulders down (don鈥檛 allow them to hunch up towards your ears) as your arms elevate overhead.
  • When your torso is about three-quarters of the best way up, pause after which align your arms along with your ears. From right here, externally rotate your shoulders to press towards the band and really feel the resistance. Rotate your shoulders again in after which reverse the motion, rolling slowly again down (till your shoulder blades contact the ground) along with your arms barely in entrance of your torso. That is 1 rep.
  • Strive 10 to 15 reps, after which relaxation and repeat for two extra units of 10 to 15 reps every.

Take your time with these reps and actually concentrate on participating your core and lat muscle tissue on the acceptable moments in the course of the transfer. For instance, as you roll up and decrease down, think about actually bracing your core and utilizing that muscle group to drive the motion. Then, on the high of the motion while you pause and press your fingers out laterally, take into consideration squeezing your lats.

When鈥攁nd solely when鈥攜ou鈥檝e nailed correct kind, you’ll be able to progress the transfer by deciding on a stronger resistance band and/or growing the variety of reps by increments of 5, says Marrero. Nonetheless many reps you do, know that with every one, you're engaged on good sit-up kind and strengthening your core and lats within the course of.